Bacteria and fungi doesn't stand a chance

Probably the cleanest spot in the bathroom

The bathroom is a place of well-being and retreat. Cleanliness and hygiene play a fundamental role here. Alape’s “ProShield” now transforms the washbasin into probably the cleanest place in every home. In future, bacteria and fungi will hardly stand a chance on the already non-porous and hygienic surface of the glazed steel, thanks to “ProShield”.

Healthy and strong

We protect what we love

Awareness of hygiene has risen sharply in recent times. There is a need for solutions that promote a clean environment and protect us from unwanted pathogens. With Alape basins you now have one less thing to worry about, because from now on all white basins and washstands will come with the new “ProShield” antibacterial surface. Without any surcharge.

Skilled and experienced

Fascination of a material

We have been working with glazed steel for 125 years. This material allows for unparalleled precision and surface quality. The positive characteristics of the material have now been enhanced by a further added value. The silver that is now permanently embedded in the “ProShield” glaze of all white basins as standard has a powerful effect against bacteria and fungi.

Effective and durable

This is how ProShield works

The antibacterial properties of silver have been known for 3000 years. Alape exploits the positive properties of silver and mixes the precious metal into the glaze of the white washbasins and washstands. It is then inextricably embedded in the surface of the glazed steel products during glaze firing. This compound creates a bactericidal and fungicidal surface that rids itself of bacteria and fungi over time. Lasting protection, which has absolutely no harmful effects on body and environment.

Bacteria and fungi doesn’t stand a chance

Scientific research carried out by the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute in Utrecht, The Netherlands has proven that the “ProShield” surface prevents the growth of tested bacteria and fungi in the bathroom by up to 99% over time.

Protection with long-term effect

The antibacterial effect of the “ProShield” surface finish does not wear off and retains its effectiveness in the fight against bacteria and fungi over time.

Harmless to health

The silver particles bonded in the glaze are permanently embedded in the material matrix and are not transferred to humans or released in the environment.

Visually identical

The addition of silver does not change the surface quality or colour of the material. The basins with the “ProShield” surface reveal no visual difference.



Social responsibility

Responsibility and expertise

What drives us

“We have many years of experience in antibacterial surfaces. For ProShield, we mix metallic silver into the glaze of the components to be coated. This has no effect on the enamelling process and the appearance of the product. The surface does not differ in colour and texture.”




Dr. Julia Rami

Alape Industrial Engineering

The introduction of ProShield is the logical step for Alape in this day and age. We hereby expressly declare the social responsibility and commitment to sustainable action. We are now providing the experience we have gained over many years with antibacterial surfaces in sensitive environments such as clinics, doctors’ surgeries and kindergartens to all our customers.


“Researching how germs work is something we care deeply about. For Alape, we tested bacteria and fungi that are found in every bathroom and can make people sick. The effect of adding silver to the hygienic characteristics of the basins is clear. ProShield significantly prevents growth over time.”




Astrid Mueller, M.Sc.

Westerdijk Institute, Utrecht

You have questions?

We have answers

From now on, all white basins and washstands will be delivered with the new surface. Identifiable by the “ProShield” label on the washstand. Alape basins are available from sanitary retailers.

The new “ProShield” surface is not self-cleaning and does not exempt the user from cleaning it when it gets dirty. However, thanks to the special material characteristics and antibacterial effect, you do not need to use any harsh cleaning agents.

With “ProShield”, we feel we have a social responsibility in these difficult times. Therefore, we will not pass on the resulting additional costs to our customers.

The silver contained in the glaze remains firmly bonded in the material matrix for the lifetime of the washbasin and is not released into the environment. Moreover, glazed steel washbasins and washstands are made of purely natural materials that can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Addes value with no surcharge

The product range

We take the decision of choosing a hygienic washbasin off your hands. It is up to you to choose the design. The Alape range offers a solution for every demand — whether small or large, built-in or free-standing, with or without storage space. Excellent and timeless design, paired with the best material characteristics. Find the washstand that suits your needs. All white basins and washstands come with the “ProShield” surface.

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