The new products focus on curated living spaces. With the increasing demand for expressive interiors, the washplace has taken on an important role as an essential design element. The Steel19 and Piccolo Novo series guest washstands extend the product range for small bathrooms. Whether functional or expressive, both new products offer a compact solution of the highest standard. With their strong character, the Steel19 and Work.Frame washstands introduce exciting design into the main bathroom. Aqua and Terra, in contrast, bring both harmonious and strongly contrasting colour tones as well as unique haptics and depth effect into play.


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“Steel19” brings the pragmatism of the classic bucket sink into the bathroom: the characteristic unit consisting of enamelled splashback and sink combined with the filigree steel frame sets industrial accents. Steel19 is available for the guest bathroom and in a large version for the main bathroom.


“Work.Frame” brings contrast into every bathroom and leaves plenty of room for individual interior design. This is achieved through a reduced and precise design language. The exact and high-quality execution has thereby been implemented down to the last detail.


The two-tone nature of the Bicolor bucket sink transforms this classic into a trendsetter. The all-rounder for home and workrooms thereby receives a contemporary look which adapts to any interior.


The Assist solutions for shower and WC complete the bathroom range in the series and enable a uniform bathroom design. The shelves can be combined individually with one another.

Folio Oak

The Alape washplaces in the Folio series radiate a unique lightness and with their timeless design, they integrate perfectly into any bathroom. The elegant washplace is now also available in a “brushed oak” finish. It is available for the main bathroom variants, the guest bathroom variants and for the new tall cupboard.


“Piccolo Novo” integrates washbasin, towel holder and shelf space in the smallest of spaces. The linear console and the elegantly shaped sit-on basin create a harmonious interplay. Even the smallest bathroom layouts can be planned with a maximum exploitation of space.


With the “Aqua” surface series, every basin is unique. The inspiration for the Aqua surface series was gained through analogies from nature: the depth of the ocean and the colour of the water. Together with the bowl-shaped basin, the new glaze creates an extraordinary optical depth which can normally only be achieved by glass.


“Terra” bowl basins capitalise on the earthing effect of finest particles. They also captivate with their mineral effect and are reminiscent of the sand you feel under your feet when strolling along the beach. Even before you touch the new surface, you can sense its velvety and warm feel.