Guest bathrooms

From functional to orchestrated

Whether suspended or floor-standing, functional or defining the interior – the various micro washbasins blend perfectly into the room and create a place of well-being, even in the smallest space. Alape distinguishes the design of small bathrooms into three different categories: space-saving solutions for extra-small bathrooms, integrative washbasins for a harmonious room concept, and representative washstands for particular design requirements. The right product for every type.

Product overview

Washstands in small bathrooms

Type F
Really big in the smallest of spaces

Compact, space-saving washbasins for small guest bathrooms: Small bathrooms require washbasins that take up little space and yet ensure that everything has its place. At Alape, you will find beautifully designed solutions for bathroom design with many functions within a small space: products with a small depth and diameter, as well as corner washbasins as the “ultimate” space-saving solution. These all-rounders additionally offer shelf space, storage and towel rails. In order for the ideal solution to be possible for every floor layout, each product is available in different versions – for a washstand or wall-mounted tap fitting and with basins on the left or the right.

Type I
Perfectly integrated and orchestrated

Space-integrative washplaces which become one with the architecture: The products in this category are made-to-measure and precisely integrated into the guest bathroom in order to make optimum use of the small space. The washbasins can be skilfully placed in niches, so that even narrow bathrooms appear light and airy. Integrated into a surface, the functional storage surfaces to the left or right of the basin serve as structure-lending elements. This improves the spatial effect and provides your bathroom with its own unique character. A choice of sit-on and dish basins are available as design elements, whilst recessed basins integrate perfectly.

Type S
Representative washstands

Representative solutions in which the basin confidently stands for itself: The washstands and solitary free-standing washbasins in this category primarily address the representative rather than the functional solution of interior design. For this reason, all the technical details of the washplaces, such as angle valves, are invisibly integrated directly into the product. Storage surfaces and other additive functions are not the focus of attention. Free-standing washbasins with a clear, minimalist shape, shallow width and diameter are ideal for this purpose and enable flexible positioning. In addition to striking shapes, expressive surfaces are also available.