Glazed steel

The core of our business

Since 1896, we have dedicated ourselves to working with steel. For us, glazed steel is the perfect material – the origin of every development, a benchmark of perfection, a pioneering compass and an inspiring designer. It embodies the power of opposites: As the core, a steel body provides the product with its shape. This enables the variety of forms and precision for which Alape stands today. The glass shell awards the material its characteristic properties. It makes the product durable and holds even the most delicate geometries reliably in shape. Durability made in Germany.

aDIALOG - A look behind the scenes

Our material: compass and idea generator

Glazed steel is the result of the perfect symbiosis of a steel base body and the enamel. The material and our production enable a unique interaction of form, delicacy and colour.


Dr. Julia Rami
Head of Industrial Engineering at Alape

Material advantages

What distinguishes our products from others

The material glazed steel not only opens up a fascinating variety of shapes and dimensions with unique precision but also particularly distinguishes itself in daily use. When steel and glaze form an inseparable bond, the composite material achieves extraordinary durability as well as further visual, hygienic and physical material advantages throughout its entire service life.

Minimum tolerances

Wafer-thin glaze

Colourfast & light-resistant

Low weight



Pore-free & hygienic

100% natural

Product values
The maxim for each and every development

Alape embodies the search for a true symbiosis of material, form and function. For over 120 years, glazed steel has thereby been an inspiring designer and the origin of every development. In our manufactory, sustainable processes are utilised in order to create products which serve the basic human need for purification and individual creative drive. Precise in production, clear and innovative in design, perfect in the result and genuine in form and materiality, our products set a benchmark in value retention, aesthetics and perfection.

Hygiene in the bathroom
New ProShield surface against bacteria

In times when hygiene is particularly demanded, we also recognise our social responsibility. Washstands made of glazed steel are already particularly hygienic, thanks to their sealed and non-porous surface. The long years of experience with antibacterial surfaces, which we have gained in sensitive environments such as hospitals or kindergartens, enable us to optimise the surface characteristics of our basins even further. Bacteria and fungi no longer stand a chance with the antibacterial “ProShield” glaze.

Sense of responsibility

The careful handling of our planet and its resources is a fundamental attitude which is deeply rooted in our company. We act responsibly in all phases of the product life cycle, from the selection of raw materials, through manufacturing, and on to recycling: glazed steel is our ambassador for sustainability. As one of the oldest recycled materials whatsoever, steel contributes towards the conservation of resources. Our products are comprised of titanium-containing, low-carbon special steel, which is available in large quantities, just like the minerals extracted from the earth’s crust which we use for our glazes. Alape products are as free from harmful substances as the enamelled-steel bowls or pots which entire generations have been using for cooking since the 19th century.