About us

Passionate about washstands

Since 1896, we have been manufacturing washbasins and washstands made from glazed steel with the highest demands on material, form and function. In our manufactory, we create products which meet the fundamental needs for cleaning and aesthetics in equal measure and which blend into differing living environments. For more than 120 years, glazed steel has thereby not only simply been a material but also the strongest source of inspiration. Working with the composite material comprised of titanium steel and enamel glaze spurs us on to achieve maximum creative performance. Masterful craftsmanship, made in Germany.


Made with love by master craftsman

The Alape products are the result of master craftsmanship: each basin, each washstand is an individual production, the result of the seamless interaction of specialized manual manufacture and automated sub-processes. There are good reasons why we rely to a large extent on the expertise of our employees: their enthusiasm carries and inspires Alape. And so, to this day, it is still the people who guarantee our excellent results through their competent and conscientious work.

Glazed steel
A unique material

Glazed steel embodies the power of contrasts. Titanium-stabilised, low-carbon and meeting the highest quality standards, Alape’s special steel lends the product its design and enables a particularly precise processing. The glass shell, in contrast, provides the material with its characteristic properties and makes our products particularly durable.


Our design partners

We create our products with the highest design requirements and in the context of the surrounding architecture. Changing demands on our living spaces serve as inspiration for new product concepts. For many years, Alape has been working successfully with excellent partners who operate in this area of tension. Together, we are further developing the product design, thereby embodying the spirit of the brand whilst simultaneously exploring new solutions and manufacturing processes.

Christian & Michael Sieger

Gerhard Busalt

Wolfgang Hartauer