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Glazed steel

All Alape basins and washstands are manufactured from glazed steel. This characteristic material for Alape opens up a fascinating variety of shapes, surfaces and dimensions with unique precision. Glazed steel is light, but extremely robust. The compound material is harder than granite or emerald and sets itself apart thanks to its impact resistance. The manufacturing process means that the products can be custom adjusted for special configurations. Glazed steel proves its worth over its entire useful life due to its visual, haptic and hygienic characteristics.

Glazed steel combines the strength and design quality of steel with the hardness and chemical resistance of glass to a homogeneous form. In addition, the glaze, an extremely thin enamel surface is applied and baked onto the steel body. Glaze and steel form an inextricable connection. The closed, non-porous surface is absolutely hygienic, lacquerrepelling, non-discolouring and permanently corrosion protected, as well as scratch and wear resistant. The colour-brilliant glaze is protected even against climatic influences and strong UV radiation. Durability “Made in Germany”.