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Customised washplace solutions
In its role as a basin and washstand partner, Alape provides support in planning and realizing projects in semi-public sector sanitary rooms. Our project solutions offer materiality, functionality and reliability, and can be custom designed to the same extent as the project itself.

Above and beyond the standardised adjustment options, basins and washstands made from glazed steel can be custom manufactured in terms of colour, dimensions and function to meet the project requirements in the hospitality, office, administration or shipping industries. Special colour requests can be realised from an order of as little as ten products upwards. Alape products retain their precision not least due to their custom dimension requirements. The dimension tolerance of basins and washstands is generally a mere + / -1 millimetre. The external dimensions of built-in basins and sit-on basins can be altered by adjusting the height and width. Functional elements such as tissue, paper towel or lotion dispensers, towel holders, and waste flaps and bins can be integrated thanks to the washstands’ structural design.
In A˘form Alape has compiled a range of basins and washstands which amaze with a fascinating variety of shapes, surfaces and sizes with unprecedented precision. The manufacturing process means that all the products can also be customised for special orders. The products retain their visual, haptic and hygienic properties throughout their service lives – ideal for use in semi-public projects.
The modular A3 system is built up on the basis of the Alape washstands and is divided into four depth segments. Various basin trough forms can be selected, depending on the depth of the washstand. The functional elements and lower cabinets for holding a waste container can be added individually.
The modular A4 system is based on a patented support solution which provides the planner with many different options for designing the washplace. The counter tops made of glass, natural stone and wood decor can be combined with all Alape basins. An individual washplace is created by integrating many different functions and lower cabinets.
The integrated system wall provides the architect with completely new planning and design options for semi-public sanitary rooms. It conveys a sense of high aesthetic value through the two-dimensional layout and combines all of the technical functions of a washplace into one with its systematic concept.
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