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Press Release

EW 3.2 - Evolution of a classic

Alape's "EW 3" built-in basin has now been produced for 44 years. 1970 saw the very first built-in basin to be produced on an industrial scale, which contributed significantly to make Alape a valued brand for aesthetic washplace solutions among architects and beyond. A revised version is now been unveiled, which will not replace the classic model but rather complement it as a modern and technically advanced alternative. Both products are immediately available in parallel – with their circular shape and the typical kidney-shaped hollow, designed for use with a single-lever mixer on the edge of the basin.


Further to these main characteristics, the new version also incorporates state of the arts features employing the latest manufacturing technology advancements. Its most prominent feature is the omission of the PVC tape, which safely seals the border between basin and countertop. Thanks to new edge treatment methods, this tape is no longer needed in the new version. The "EW 3.2" is easily and invisibly sealed with silicone, which also makes it absolutely watertight.  Four fixing clips also prevent the basin from slipping out of position on the countertop.


Perfection and manufacturing expertise

Another improvement of the new "EW 3.2" is the basin's glaze: thanks to a new fully white glazed bottom, it is now also possible to integrate the basin harmoniously into open systems, which are often preferred in architectural and interior design projects. With an edge height reduced by two to six millimetres, the "EW 3.2" appears even more delicate and noticeably more modern. These extremely subtle modifications enhance and perfect one of the most significant and certainly most inspiring basins in the history of bathroom design, whilst staying true to its original idea. Both models are presented at the same level: Whether the "EW 3" or "EW 3.2" - it's the customer who makes the decision.


Innovative strength and timeless elegance

Until today, the classic model has been produced more than one million times. The "EW 3" is an icon that stands for precision in steel and acts as Alape's brand ambassador among both architects and bathroom designers. Just like the "original", the new version was developed in-house. In the 44 years following its market launch in 1970, the enormous success of the first built-in basin has inspired about 100 other models, which were developed by the manufacturer in cooperation with renowned designers. Each of these basins contributed to the establishment of glassed steel as a perfect material for the sanitary sector - with minimal radii, slim edges and flat surfaces, precise, robust and hygienic. This creates a flexible washplace design that takes into consideration the wider aesthetic, functional and ergonomic requirements of individual users.


The new "EW 3.2" version lines up naturally within A˘form's extensive collection, with the widest range of shapes and varieties in the sector. Available from November 2014.