Inspired by the colors of water​

Analogies from nature were the inspiration for the Aqua series: the depth of the ocean and the color of the water. Together with the shape of the basin, the new glaze creates an extraordinary visual depth that is otherwise only achieved with glass. The color gradient in the basin that occurs during the manufacturing process changes slightly each time, so that each basin is unique. The effect is caused by a certain proportion of clear enamel in the glaze and, in combination with the changing colour, gives the basin a special depth. The glaze is consistently a maximum of 0.3 mm thick. The elaborate manufacturing process creates unique pieces that always appear different due to the incidence of light and the surrounding materials.

The 3 nuances of water

The surface of the water changes in a unique color palette, it is never static and therefore unique. Three color nuances emerged from this inspiration: Deep Blue, Deep Green and Deep Indigo. The classic bowl is the perfect shape for the glaze, because unique surfaces can only be created through the interplay of colour, feel and shape. Each color tone corresponds to the tactile characteristics of the material, which are precisely worked out in the course of complex processes. Deep Blue gives the impression of looking into a small ocean, Deep Green plays with the liveliness of the water and Deep Indigo stands for the depth of the sea. Aqua transforms every bathroom into an oasis.

Deep Green

Deep Blue

Deep Indigo