Design mirrors


With the design mirrors, Alape completes the range of contemporary and elegant bathroom accessories. The elegant design of the mirrors emphasises the aesthetics of the washstand without appearing dominant. High-quality materials and unobtrusive design lend the accessory a stylish look which can also be integrated into the individual furnishing style outside of the bathroom. Simultaneously, the mirrors impress with intelligent technology that ensures optimum illumination. Depending on requirements, two different geometries in a variety of sizes are available for individual washplace design.


The purist concept from sieger design dispenses with decorative elements and concentrates on a clear design language. As a result, the integrated lighting of the object is also restrained, only becoming visible when it is switched on: dimmable, indirect and glare-free LED lighting lends the room a pleasant atmosphere that fulfils the diverse lighting requirements in the bathroom. The mirror thereby has a function which remembers the last selected light intensity.