Type I


Alape Type I washbasins enable the optimal use of space whilst simultaneously allowing for the individual design of the guest bathroom. Made-to-measure and precisely positioned, they blend harmoniously into the washplace. In addition to differing installation methods, such as undermount, built-in, sit-on and dish basins, a variety of solutions in different geometries and sizes are also available, which can be integrated directly into a support plate or an item of bathroom furniture.

Undermount basins

Undermount basins integrate harmoniously into the washplace design. Solely the pure form of the recess remains visible and reduces the visual appearance to the essential. Thanks to their low weight, the flat surface and their precision, Alape undermount basins can be comparatively easily bonded under support plates made from various materials.

Built-in basins

Built-in basins stand for the deliberate emphasis of the basin geometry by means of a circumferential installation edge, which enables precise installation in the support plate without visible adhesive. Unique are the projecting built-in basins made from 3 mm steel. Whilst the basin recess disappears invisibly into the support plate, the filigree rim allows the basin to set the scene as a conscious design element.

Sit-on basins

Sit-on basins are mounted directly on an item of bathroom furniture or a support plate. They are characterised by exact lines and optimal proportions. The variety of shapes and dimensions is enhanced by differing basin heights. The sit-on basins made from three millimetre steel captivate with their unique aesthetics.

Dish basins

Dish basins stand for the original form of the washbowl on the support plate or washstand base cabinet. Developed decades ago, the dish basin still characterises the Alape portfolio today. Its delicacy and lightness impressively demonstrate the advantages of the material glazed steel.