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Interior Design:    

hell und freundlich 

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Copyright: hell und freundlich 
Interior Design: hell und freundlich  



Armatur: Meta von Dornbracht 

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A pleasant atmosphere in consulting rooms has a positive effect on the well-being of the people being treated. Having somewhere that is welcoming, where one feels comfortable to exchange information, is known to speed up the recovery process. To create an appropriate atmosphere, a psychotherapy practice in Cologne opted to give its premises a new design, with dish basins from Alape and fittings from Dornbracht.

It was important to “hell und freundlich”, the architects in charge of the project, that the arrangement in all the rooms had comfort in mind. The bathroom also gives a sense of security. The floors and parts of one wall are covered in light-grey, natural stone tiles. The patterned wallpaper on the other walls is also grey, but at the same time features dangling fern leaves in different shades. It creates the impression of a tropical jungle in the mist. The Aqua dish basin from Alape was chosen for the washplace. The visual depth of the finish is captivating and brings out the best in the glazed steel. The dark green iridescence of the deep green colour sets a subtle and colourful tone, which is easy to associate with the implied jungle concept. Because the way the colours run in the basin during the manufacturing process, it always varies slightly, every basin is unique.