Project solutions

Individual design options for planners and architects

Pre-assembled washstand solutions with plenty of flexibility and freedom in planning – this is the basis of Work.FrameX for the high-end project business. The basic principle of a frame and a wide selection of different countertops and basins offers a wide range of design options. Adaptations in terms of colours, surfaces and even design allow individual solutions to be developed, which can be integrated into the design of the respective building projects.


Design: sieger design

The basis of the programme developed especially for the project business is the sophisticated frame that is available in widths ranging from 600 to 1200mm. It is mounted on the floor and has height adjusters to align it with the front feet. The rear supports deliberately end above the ground. This leaves space for a tile base provided on site and makes cleaning much easier. A shelf made of grey safety glass is integrated into the frame.

Work.Framex offers a wide range of environmentally friendly Neolith countertops. The hygienic and sustainable natural stone is robust and impresses with its visual diversity. In addition, it is possible to use materials on site to ensure a harmonious integration within the interior. The programme is complemented by a wide range of sit-on basins made of glazed steel that are only a few millimetres thick. The washplace can be stylishly complemented with design mirrors and the Assist storage system for a holistic approach.

Individualisation with a system

Pre-assembled solutions for maximum design flexibility

The Work.FrameX project programme is characterised by its minimalist yet expressive design. The size can be individually chosen based on the frame system in widths ranging from 600 to 1200mm. New solutions for different building requirements are constantly being created with a wide range of countertops and basins.

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Tailored to the customer

A wide range of possible adaptations

Work.FrameX can be used to make further modifications beyond the basic configuration. From the surface of the powder coated frame to basic design adaptations, the system can be adjusted in many ways to suit the customers’ requirements. The perfect solution for every requirement.

Work.FrameX is proving to be a flexible space sensation and eye-catching feature at The Adams self check-in hotel in Baden-Baden. The limited space available in the seven rooms is matched by high-quality room furnishings. Work.FrameX combines homely comfort with an aspirational design. The open washstand solution fits perfectly into the deliberately transparent room concept.


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