Glazed steel

Material advantages in detail

Glazed steel combines the strength and creative quality of steel with the hardness and chemical resistance of glass to create a homogeneous shape. For this purpose, the glaze, a wafer-thin enamel surface, is applied to the steel body and fired. Glaze and steel form an inseparable bond. The closed, pore-free surface is absolutely hygienic, colourfast and permanently protected against corrosion, scratches and wear.

Dimensionally stable

The tolerance of our basins and washstands is +2 / -0 millimetres. Manufactured in special steel and fired at 830° C, they retain their shape permanently and resist external influences such as temperature differences and mechanical stress.

Scratch and abrasion-resistant

The glaze, a wafer-thin skin with a maximum thickness of 300 μm, is immune to external influences. Thin and robust, it utilises its mechanical resistance to defy all the everyday challenges in the household. Scratch marks, abrasion or chipping can therefore hardly occur.

Colourfast and light-resistant

The colours of our basins and washstands do not fade, no matter how intense the chosen colour tone is. This is due to specific pigments in the glaze, which only take on their final colour during the firing process and which are then perfectly protected by the glaze against any form of exposure.


Traditionally, our basins and washstands have wall thicknesses of between 1.5 and 3 millimetres. They are therefore much lighter than equivalent products made from other materials.

Heat and cold-resitant

Our glazes are fired into the steel at 830° C and withstand temperature differences of – 60 to +450° C. Even temperature shocks, i.e. sudden effects of heat or cold, cannot damage the material.

Resistant to acids and chemicals

Our glazes possess the same acid resistance as glass, meaning that only hydrofluoric acid could permanently damage the surface. The basis for this are glass-forming oxides, which combine with the steel during the firing process to form a protective coating.

Easy to clean and hygenic

The glaze firing creates a pore-free surface of a glassy-smooth quality on which neither microorganisms nor dirt particles can find a hold. In addition, the surface does not become statically charged and does not attract dust.

100% natural and recyclable

The raw materials for steel and glass are available in large quantities. We only use natural materials. The manufacture of washstands made from glazed steel is performed using environmentally friendly production processes. At the end of their useful life, the products are completely recyclable.