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Bicolor and Metallic Dark Iron - harmonious elegant surfaces provide a vibrant new setting for washbasins in the bathroom

"Bicolor" and "Metallic Dark Iron" expand Alape's portfolio by two new, exclusive surfaces which are available for selected washbasins and washstands. Thanks to its long years of outstanding expertise in enamel, Alape succeeded in transforming the look of the bathroom's washplace with contrasting and metallic surfaces.

The bathroom is becoming more and more a place of well-being used for regeneration and recreation. Besides functionality, even the atmosphere plays an increasingly important role. Alape offers diverse solutions for high-quality and aesthetic bathroom design. The two special "Bicolor" and "Metallic Dark Iron" glazings expand the portfolio by two new design options for basins and washstands and give the proven geometries a new appearance and a characteristic expression.

"Metallic Dark Iron" is a newly developed enamel. It is a charming, extremely elegant alternative to classic white and sets harmonious accents in the bathroom. With "Metallic Dark Iron", Alape moves the interior design trend towards products with metallic effects. However, this product's special feature remains hidden at first glance: The surface has a metallic sheen and shimmers in different shades, depending on geometry and perspective. Due to the high degree of reflection, the surface blends into surrounding materials and adapts to the environment. This particularity adulates our rounded and oval basin shapes.

With "Bicolor", Alape sets a new trend for washbasins and washstands. This new surface combines two contrasts: black/white and matt/glossy. The precision and accuracy of the transition between the two colours emphasises the delicate properties of the round 3mm basins: This stops at the outer fading radius, and the white surface is thus perceived as a precise edge, even from the outside. The matt black exterior colour is also reproduced in the accessories: The spacer ring and wall bracket are also supplied in matt black, while the valve cap is glazed in white.

Both surfaces are creatively inspiring and leave plenty of room for variation, especially in the project space. They are only available at Alape and for selected types of basins:

Metallic Dark Iron:

1.Undermount basins UB.K400 and UB.0525

2.Dish basins SB.K360.GS

3.Sit-on basins Sondo AB.SO450.1

4. Washstand WT.RX400K


1.Dish basins SB.K360.GS

2.Sit-on basins Unisono AB.KE400 and Sondo AB.SO450.1

3.Washstand Unisono WT.RX400.KE