Press Release

3mm glassed steel: Unique synergy of aesthetics and function




With the development of the first dish basins made of 3mm glassed steel in 1997, Alape created a new design classic, which, in terms of elegance and delicateness, opened up completely new design possibilities for washplaces. Its further development in subsequent years led to successful series such as Unisono and Metaphor. As an addition to these two series, the Goslar-based manufacturer now presents floor-standing pillar washstands, which are a combination of a basin and a cylindrical or rectangular structure. Futhermore, thanks to the development of new installation procedures for basins with a 3mm edge thickness, Alape is able to introduce a special solution that brings the elegant edge into the limelight.


With the development of its dish basins at the end of the 1990s, Alape has steered a new era of washplace design. The Goslar-based manufacturer's technical expertise and the creative possibilities of glassed steel has enabled the implementation of the specific requirements of shaping technology and edge processing. Thanks to this technological precision, it has been possible to develop new and iconic basin forms from 3mm glassed steel such as Unisono and Metaphor.


The latest innovation is the combination of these two basin series with a floor-standing glassed steel base. A harmonious unity is created by a delicate chrome ring which forms the interface between the two elements. The cylindrical washstand of the Unisono series is available in diameters 325mm and 400mm, while the rectangular Metaphor washstand measures 500 x 375mm. Both are wall-mounted and can be used with either wall-mounted taps or floor-standing fittings.


The high precision in which the edges are guided and the minimal tolerances also allow additional variants of the Unisono, Metaphor and the innovative 2step basin series: these protruding built-in basins present themselves with an edge that extends from the counter top or furniture, while the recess disappears below the surface, the elegant 3mm basin-edge protrudes 25mm from the counter top and sets the scene as a conscious design element. In addition to its stunning design,

this installation method also serves a functional purpose as it reduces the loss of storage space within the furniture, while also allowing for a large and comfortable basin depth.


Regardless of the chosen installation method, the thin-walled basins continuously retain their charm and visual appeal and fulfil their roles with distinction as intended by the design concept.


The Unisono and Metaphor washstands as well as the new "protruding" installation technique will be available from 1 May 2015.